What's LYNCS?

Laboratory of synthetic cosmic science(LYNCS)

(Japanese: 宇宙うちゅう科学かがく総合そうごう研究会けんきゅうかい, Uchū-Kagaku Sōgō Kenkyū-Kai)

LYNCS is a certified club of the Keio Univ. that studies cosmic science from various perspectives. We are composed from four main Departments: Engineering, Astronomy, Science and Advanced Technology.

Founded: June 2014
Adviser: Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology, KEIO Univ. Prof. OKA Tomoharu
Others: Since 2015, we are certified from Keio Univ.(公認団体). Since 2016, we joined Keio Univ. Alliance of cultural groups (慶應義塾大学文化団体連盟)。


Many of our members belong to the Faculty of Science and Technology, but we also have members from the Faculty of Law, Business & Commerce, Policy Management and Environment & Information. No special skills or experience is required to join LYNCS. We hold study meetings for beginners, so please don't be afraid to join us!


Members meet once a week to prepare for events such as (but not limited to) CanSAT competition, star watching, Satellite Design Contest and Mita Festival (school festival). Attendence is not mandatory; members may participate via Slack or Skype if he or she so wishes.


LYNCS is supported by the following companies.

MISUMI Group Inc.

ミスミ ロゴマーク

Solidworks Japan Corporation



If you want more information, please contact us via e-mail or Twitter.

Twitter: @keio_LYNCS
LINE@ : @nir3260u
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LINE@ QRcode (@nir3260u)

Engineering Department

The Engineering Department works on CanSAT projects as an educational cornerstone for building an actual satellite. CanSAT is a small model-satellite (rover) designed to guide itself to a goal flag after it is released from a balloon 50 meters above ground. Most CanSAT move on wheels or tracks (run-back type), but some fly using wings or propellers (fly-back type). Members learn the basics of space engineering such as CAD, manufacturing, electric circuit and programing.

Astronomy Department

Members of the Astronomy Department go star watching once or twice a month. We observe the night sky using our eyes, telescope and single lens reflex cameras. During rainy seasons, we go to planetariums or study astronomy. During the Mita Festival (school festival), we build a small planetarium and guide the audience through the night sky.

Science Department

"Mathematics has constant worth" ---
This is a quote by a professor in Keio Univ. Department of Mathematics. "Constancy", the opposite of "Trend", represents the quality of being enduring and free from change or variation. Mathematics may not be so useful immediately, but it never becomes obsolete. Nowadays, however, many people seem to prefer trendy, immediate profit over constant value. How would you like to study mathematics and physics with us, and enjoy its constant value?

Advanced Technology Department

The Advanced Technology Department is open to all members that wish to start a new project, but is not related to any of the other Departments. In the past, we participated in the Satellite Design Contest. The forerunner of the Science Department used to study under the Advanced Technology Department before it was established as an independent Department.