What's LYNCS?

Laboratory of synthetic cosmic science(LYNCS)

(Japanese: 宇宙うちゅう科学かがく総合そうごう研究会けんきゅうかい, Uchū-Kagaku Sōgō Kenkyū-Kai)

LYNCS consists of an astronomical sector and an engineering sector. In the astronomical sector, we observe stars and take pictures of them on the campus and in the location of a trip. In the engineering sector, we develop CanSat and space elevator. You can join whichever activity you like.(Of course you can join both of them!) If you want more information, please contact us via e-mail or Twitter. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Founded: June 2014
Adviser: Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology, KEIO Univ. Prof. OKA Tomoharu
Others: Since 2015, we are certified from Keio Univ.(公認団体). Since 2016, we joined Keio Univ. Alliance of cultural groups (慶應義塾大学文化団体連盟)。


In 2016, around 20 members in LYNCS. Comparing to other clubs, LYNCS is small. However, we are strongly agile because of its smallness.


Please feel free to ask us!
Twitter: @keio_LYNCS
LINE@ : @nir3260u
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